The Friends of

Gloucester Dog Park Board

  • Tom Schauer, Treasurer
  • Amanda Snee, Secretary
  • Michael Perrine
  • Patty Hecht
  • Michael Orie
  • Kara McLean Green

Breaking Ground

Grading the Park

The park was created in 2013

About Us:

The Friends of Gloucester Dog Park is an all-volunteer group of local residents who worked hard to build this park and continuing to work maintain this great facility.  The City of Gloucester allowed us to build the park on an unused area in Stage Fort Park, but the cost of building and maintaining the park was on the dog-loving community.  

Our Mission:

  • To maintain the Gloucester Dog Park, a fenced in, off-leash place where well-behaved dogs can exercise, run free and socialize in a clean, safe environment without endangering people, property or wildlife.  The park supplements other leashed and off-leash dog friendly areas and not replace them.
  • To develop an environmentally-conscious & well-maintained space, open to all dog lovers, friends and visitors who are willing to uphold the park's rules and promote a safe recreational experience
  • To run this park as a community project, in partnership with the City of Gloucester, designed to help satisfy the recreational needs of dog-guardians and non-guardians alike.
  • To promote animal welfare and rescue, responsible pet guardianship and foster a sense of community among diverse groups of people.
  • To promote tourism by drawing residents from surrounding communities and elsewhere, thereby increasing revenues to local businesses and the City of Gloucester.


How We Got Here:

After a year of meetings, public hearings and extensively researching the best dog parks across the country, the Friends of the Gloucester Dog Park achieved their goal when the Gloucester City Council approved Gloucester’s first-ever dog park in 2011. By unanimous vote, Stage Fort Park was the selected site.

There was a lot of hard work from volunteers and board members, a ground swell of community support, and some very civic-minded people contributing to the cause at the right time. Because of that, we now have a wonderful dog park for everyone to enjoy.

The city gave us the site to use, but maintaining the park depends on generous donors to cover the cost of waste bag supplies, plumbing, and mowing. You can help! Please donate today. Your dog will love you for it!